BITSmart.tech - Winchester's Award-Winning IT Support Company!

BITSmart.tech - Winchester's Award-Winning IT Support Company!

We are here to help businesses from one-man bands up to multinational organisations B(e) IT SMART with the way they choose, source and maintain/support their technology products & services.

We pride ourselves on being supplier agnostic when it comes to the sourcing of that new piece of technology that you are looking for within your business.

We work with you to assist in identifying, sourcing and engaging the most appropriate information communications technologies and suppliers for your business needs. Here at BITSmart.tech we work closely with our customers to ensure that throughout the process, your business achieves the optimum outcome.

We want to bring you the most appropriate potential supplier suitors as quickly and as painlessly as possible to help save your organisation both time and money, whilst at the same time managing the whole process on your behalf.

BITSmart.tech are based in Winchester, Hampshire and has substantial experience from many years working with data, cloud and voice providers; as well as delivering 1st, 2nd & 3rd line IT Support.

During this time, we noticed how suppliers in our industry were all competing to convince the customer that their solution was the best, and at the same time assuming that the customer was able to understand, research and evaluate the technologies that they needed for their business.

Upon realisation that the customer was not getting the best deal, we have positioned BITSmart.tech to work with best-of-class UK National and Global suppliers, including Data Centres, Cloud providers, Voice and Network suppliers to ensure our customers are no longer ‘sold to’ but instead your needs come before anyone’s sales target!

Our services include:

What makes us stand out from the Crowd?

There are hundreds of Telecoms and IT support companies and resellers across the UK. All of whom are selling their chosen products or services, so what makes us so different?

We provide a variety of services from some of the best in class providers worldwide, ensuring that we can deliver choice to your business. This means that we strive to find you the right solution and don’t try to squeeze a square peg into a round hole!

So if your business is looking to make a move to the cloud for their telephony and infrastructure, a new deal on their office/premise printing, or some amazing outsourced IT support for your team. Get in touch today so that we can book a time for a review of your current setup – do you really have anything to lose?

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15 minutes of your day could lead to huge long term benefits being delivered into your business.